p.In the beginning, the primal God Limos created the universe and the world of Absolutusterra. This is when the ancient races (Elves, Titans, Dwarfs, Minotaur, Giants, etc.) were also made bring about other primal Gods created from the sheer will of the respective domains. All was well, the lands lush and the people prosperous then came the Illithid, the “Mind-Flayers.” Tribe after tribe fell to these Illithids, all the ancient races rallied together to defeat the other-worldly enemy.
p.Dishearteningly, thus began the Age of Regret, having gained prominence in the First War many race leaders and chieftains sought to be the ruler’s of all. Thousands upon thousands were slaughtered in pointless war as Karth took form from the races ever growing wars among one another. Belial, also came into being as their treacherous impulse to trick and deceive their partners grew ever greater. Limos wept with great sorrow and regret at his creations, Limos left the world and then came the Age of Blood. Millions were lost to Karth, who created Orcs, and Belial, who created Demons. Humans and a few other like races began to appear seemingly from nowhere, some say this was Limo’s last attempt at saving the world. Karth and Belial launched what later came to be known as The Great Scourge , an attempt to rid the world of all but their own. When all seemed but lost the ancient races once more allied together to defeat these evils. Only this time they did not come out unscathed, the Titans were wiped out at the Battle of Bloodfang Gorge. This game the Elves time to finish their studies of the primal elements, magic. Titans were the greatest warrior race of Limos, Dwarfs, inventors and smiths and the Elves, knowledge and magic. With this new knowledge rose Prynaxix, the All-Knowing Goddess of knowledge. The ancient races prevailed once more and entered a time of peace and prosperity. An Elven Lord by the name of, Aras Kennyraheal, would lead this peace and bring the races together.
p.Thus transpired the Age of Elves, Humans remained outside of this kingdom, Savages they were called, unwilling to be ruled. During this time however, technology, wealth and research grew exponentially. Master Dwarven smiths and elder Elven wizards combined their skill and knowledge and the rare tears of heaven metal(meteorite metals) to create the beautiful and deadly Elvea Azul or “Magic Metal”. Only about five items where ever forged of such material. Thousand of years have past, kingdoms have risen and fallen and this is the world our adventures live in.